Dec 4, 2016

Moonset 2016 Dec 03

Moon and Venus 5 degrees apart

ISS rising 19:07 - 19:10 CET

Sep 12, 2016

Philae's hole on comet 67P

Philae included ?!
in processed Rosetta Navcam images of the Abydos region from the data release of 2016 Sep12

Original image credits: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0 Copyright

Out of the series of 4 images from 2016 Aug 06 processing was applied to
taken 4 minutes apart.

The last image shows a suspicious object at the position of Philae as illustrated on the Sep 02 OSIRIS NAC image

Processing consisted of enlarging, contrast adjustment, unsharp masking, cropping, rotating.

3D anaglyphs and an animated gif are also shown below. enlarged 4x, no resampling, cropped
Arrow on Philae landing site

Aug 29, 2016

Comet 67P C-G - Abydos - Philae found?

Abydos, the final landing area of Philae on comet 67P C-G was imaged by the Rosetta Navcam on 2016 July 21 from a distance of 9.7 km and published / released in the dataset on Aug 29, 2016.

Images ROS_CAM1_20160721T162928F._P.png and ROS_CAM1_20160721T163538F._P.png

A bright speck of a few pixels is visible in both images right in the zone of the revised Consert ellipse.

The images were taken 10 minutes apart and were combined in a stereo anaglyph and an animated gif.


 Enlarged 400 pct and cropped, arrow marks bright speck
Stereo anaglyphs

Animated GIF

Nov 1, 2015

Occultation of Aldebaran

Occultation of Aldebaran on Oct 29, 2015 from Stuttgart

22:38 CET 9 min before ingress

24:00 CET 7 min past egress

10 sec video of reappearance at 23:53 CET

22:05 CET f=42 mm cropped

22:05 CET f=42 mm cropped

22:05 CET f=42 mm 

Sep 30, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse 2015

Total eclipse of the super moon 2015 Sep 28

04:19 CEST 8 min after start of totality, stack of 9 images, f=42 mm

Gallery 13 images

Jun 4, 2015

Full Moon rising June 02

Full Moon rising on June 02 behind Fernsehturm Stuttgart viewed from Karlshöhe

Gallery 15 pics

Youtube with quadrocopter in foreground

Apr 21, 2015

Setting of 2 day old Moon

Crescent Moon with earthshine setting on April 20, 2015
Background Autobahn A8 near Stuttgart Rohr

The space station ISS passed just below the Moon at 20:58 CEST.
This was nicely seen in 6*42 binos. A video and photos show nothing, however.

More photos in gallery

21:27 CEST 4 stacked images, plane crossing, Pleiades at upper right

Timelapse 20:44 to 21:32 CEST